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The New Bottom for Toronto Sports Teams

The New Bottom for Toronto Sports Teams?

I think we're about to hit a new bottom... at least a new bottom for Toronto sports teams.  With the Euro Cup and Olympic distractions behind us, and summer winding down, I've decided to do a quick State of the Union analysis of Toronto professional sports teams.

Toronto Blue Jays
I'm sad to say I haven't followed this team much the past few weeks.  Oh... I see we're dead last in the AL East, 15 games behind the Yankees.  And our wild card hopes have evaporated... and half the team is on the DL.  Wasn't that new wild card supposed to belong to us?  Nah, we'll finish last instead.

Toronto Maple Leafs
The Leafs haven't made the playoffs since before the last labour stoppage, and now it looks like we're heading into another.  We diehards don't even get to enjoy watching our team miss the playoffs again.  That might be the only thing worse than the longest non-playoff streak in the league.  Sad and pitiful.

Toronto Raptors
We sucked last year, and we'll suck again this season.  Every analyst and pundit has assured me of that.  And really, even if a miracle of miracles occurred and we slipped into 8th place in the conference, Miami would chew us up and spit us out in 4.

Toronto Argos
Firstly, I fully acknowledge that almost none of you care about the CFL.  I just checked the standings and we're 3-3.  That almost sounds decent until you see in an 8-team league only one team has a worse record.  That shit's cray!

Toronto FC
Lastly, we check in on our professional MLS soccer team.  I remember getting off to a horrible start, but I've lost touch with them recently.  I wonder how they're doing....  Oh... dead last in the Eastern Conference.  That sounds about right.

So there you have it, a quick review of how it currently looks for Toronto sports teams.  Ladies and gentlemen, I believe we've found a brand new low.

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