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Bon Jovi, the Bills and MLSE

Bon Jovi, the Bills and MLSE

Just last month I was ranting about the banner MLSE was raising in the ACC for Bon Jovi. It's all starting to make a little more sense.

Current Buffalo Bills owner, Ralph Wilson, is 95-years old. As soon as he kicks the bucket, Jon Bon Jovi may lead a group of investors who will buy the franchise and move it to Toronto.  MLSE "would likely build and operate an NFL-caliber stadium in Toronto, possibly near Downsview Park or Woodbine Racetrack."

But what of the Argos? That same National Post article suggests MLSE may buy the Argonauts and move the team from the Rogers Centre to the smaller BMO Field.  One hand washes the other, as Dr. Nick Riviera would say.

Ok fine, bring the Bills to Toronto and build a new NFL stadium in Toronto, just don't put one penny of our money toward the operation.  I'm pretty sure MLSE's pockets are deep enough to handle this one on their own.

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