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Watching the Argos at BMO Field: My Experience

Thanks to this recent Toronto Mike'd guest, I took the entire family to this afternoon's Argos game. It was my first Argos game at BMO Field.


Normally I bike to BMO Field, but since all four kids were going, we took the Go Train. it was the very first time in my life I took the Go Train and damn was that slick. A comfy six minute ride from Mimico to Exhibition couldn't have been more convenient.

By the opening kickoff, one thing was crystal clear. Argos games look a million times better at BMO Field than at the dome. The weather was perfect and the field looked great. This is a fantastic venue for football.


You don't get the energy from the crowd you get from TFC supporters, but it was fun with so many Roughrider fans wearing green. The crowd was pretty thin at kickoff but looked much better by the end of the first quarter. There's no denying it, though. This team has a serious attendance problem when they can't come close to filling BMO for a 4pm game on a beautiful Saturday.


When Mike Hogan heard I was coming to the game, he invited me up to the booth to see him and Jeff Johnson calling the game for TSN Radio. I managed to get media passes for me and my oldest son and we peeked in every room. Here are shots from the TSN Radio booth.


Here's a peek into the TSN booth.


I wanted to say hi to Don Landry, but they keep him locked up in this room throughout the game.


And finally, here's where the press sits at BMO Field. I'm told Sean Fitz-Gerald was there, but I didn't see him. There was coffee and food. I did not partake.


In the end, the Argos lost a close one, but it was a fun game in a great stadium. I really hope the Argos can fix their aforementioned attendance problem because they've been here since 1873 and I'd like them to stick around.


It was the very first pro sports event I've attended with all four of my kids and a good time was had by all. Thanks, Jackie.

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