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Two More Nights of Paulie Walnuts


We were treated to another strong episode last night, which leaves us with two more in the series.  I have no idea how this is going to end, but I'd bet it ends badly for Tony.  I'll miss Tony, but not like I'll miss Peter Paul Gualtieri.

Peter Paul Gualtieri, or Paulie Walnuts as we know him, is my favourite character on The Sopranos.  Ask Taryn how much I cherish every word he utters.  That delivery, those words, that persona - it's perfect.  It's a shame I only get to spend two more nights with the man, assuming he survives for the finale on June 10.

A fan put together a little "Best of Paulie Walnuts" video, which seems appropriate at this time.  He's one hell of a good Waste Management Executive.

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