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The Great Wait For Tony S.


For fun, I just read all the entries I wrote three years ago.  What caught my eye was this entry about The Sopranos I wrote on June 6, 2004.

The Sopranos
Published June  6, 2004 @ 21:58 in Television
The Sopranos

I just finished watching the season five finale of The Sopranos. Another brilliant episode of one of my favourite television programs and things are set up very nicely for their final season.

I know a lot of people who read this site haven't seen the finale yet and don't want me to spoil it for them so I'll just say a couple of lingering issues were tied up tonight. It was once again television that's far too good for tv.
What frustrates me the most is the length of time I now must wait before I can view another new episode. The delay between season 4 and 5 was well over a year and it looks like we're in for a similar delay before season 6. Hell, Michelle will be walking before I see Tony again. Marron!

Go ahead and read it again, I'll pause for effect.  Three years ago I was writing about how there was one season to go on The Sopranos.  I jokingly stated that Michelle would be walking by the time this was settled.  At the time, she wasn't even born yet.  And walking?  She's practically driving.

They managed to wait a couple of years to air this final season, and then they broke this season up so we're only finishing it this week.  That's three whole years between season finales.

I've been thoroughly enjoying the series for years, but the waits were long, brutal and inhumane.  After Sunday I'll never have to face another two year wait.  Tony Soprano will either be wearing cement shoes, in the witness relocation program or laying low in Woodbridge.  I'm done waiting.  Three more sleeps...

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