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It's been over two years since I celebrated the return of Tony Soprano.  In that entry, I had the audacity to complain that it had been over a full year since I last saw a new episode of "The Sopranos".  In July of 2004, I got the bad news.  HBO had confirmed we'd have to wait until 2006 to see another new episode.

Here we are in March 2006 and guess what's on TMN tonight?  It couldn't come at a better time because I'm itching for some quality television.  "Six Feet Under" is finito, as is "Arrested Development", "Curb Your Enthusiasm" wrapped up their season in the fall, as did "Rescue Me" and "Weeds", there's a definite void here that needs to be filled.

Here's the deal fellow fans.  This season will run for twelve episodes, followed by an eight-month hiatus.  Then, we'll see the final eight episodes putting the grand finale in March 2007.

Reviews of the first four episodes are outstanding.  Col tempo la foglia di gelso diventa seta.

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