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Divorce Isn’t Easy, but a Holistic Litigator Makes it Easier

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While no two divorces are the same, they’re always hard. Sometimes, couples realize that they’re simply no longer in love with each other, and the decision to divorce is respectful and mutual. Still, there may be tough lingering feelings like sadness, regret, and disappointment.

Of course, sometimes divorces can be combative nightmares, where one side uses the court proceedings’ emotional and financial costs as a cudgel to attack their former spouse. Please read on to learn how holistic divorce litigators help make every divorce easier.

1. Lower the Temperature

It’s natural for two people starting to get divorced to feel mutual mistrust and anger. That’s why it’s extra important at the beginning of the proceedings to lower the temperature and help repair broken bridges.

Holistic lawyers aim to create the best conditions possible for the children after the divorce is finalized. Their goal is to fight for their client’s legal rights, but they’ll recommend a concession when their children benefit.

When the ex-partner and their lawyer see that they’re working towards the child’s welfare, hopefully, they will respond favourably, appreciating what they both have in common. People hire compassionate divorce lawyers like Tailor Law to minimize any potential harm their children may experience from the separation.

2. Amicable Settlements Are Faster, Cheaper

Divorces get harder the longer they go on. Indeed, sometimes, vindictive exes lengthen the process specifically to harm their former partner by draining their bank account and emotional energy.

All things equal, it’s much better to have a quicker, less expensive resolution that lets parents move forward sooner and on a better footing. It’s better for parents to spend money on themselves and on their children rather than legal fees.

The sooner divorcing parents get back on their feet and become accustomed to their new lifestyle, the happier they’ll be. They’ll also find parenting easier when their finances are stable. It’s very hard to devote mental energy to your children, job, and personal life when the process of determining your long-term finances, property, and parenting rights is still in flux.

3. Fierce as Needed

Even the most collaborative lawyer understands that the other side may reject their holistic goals and dig in for a prolonged legal fight, and they are ready for any eventuality. Collaboration is only the first and best option for everybody, but unfortunately, they have no control over how the other side will react.

Their goal is always to advocate for their client’s property, financial, alimony, and custody rights to achieve the best outcome possible. If the other side rejects the ideal path because of conditions out of their control and signals they want a battle, they’ll pivot accordingly.

However, the underlying goal of achieving the best outcome possible never changes. It doesn’t matter how the other side responds or reacts. A holistic lawyer will always fight their hardest for their client’s welfare, even if circumstances beyond their control change what this could entail.

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