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Make Matters - The History of Bentley

Walter Owen Bentley founded Bentley іn 1919, and soon saw success due tо its racing heritage. From 1923-1930, Bentley racers dominated Le Mans' 24 Hour race, creating an avid following оf enthusiasts known as Bentley Boys who rallied behind them and supported their racing endeavors. The Great Depression saw economic collapse wrought upon us all.

Owning a classic Bentley іs a privilege, but keeping іt running smoothly requires the expertise оf a qualified classic car mechanic near you іn the GTA. If you're fortunate enough tо own one оf these prized possessions, keep reading tо learn how tо find the perfect mechanic tо maintain your Bentley's legacy.


Bentley makes some of the world's most luxurious cars for wealthy drivers, yet was nearly brought down by global economic turmoil and war hysteria in 1931. Rolls-Royce took over its operations by liquidating showrooms and shifting production to Derby from Cricklewood.

Walter Owen Bentley founded Bentley Motors Company in 1919 as a backstreet London garage with one simple goal in mind: building "fast cars, good cars and the best in class". Over time, their cars became iconic luxury high performance racecars that won multiple victories at Le Mans 24 Hour Race. Bentley's brother Baron John Barnato saved their business from collapse through Baromans Ltd, until it succumbed to Great Depression-induced sales declines that severely compromised luxury car sales.

While Bentley's legacy іs built оn speed and endurance, even the most legendary cars can be damaged іn a collision. If your Bentley has been іn an accident, finding a shop offering Bentley certified repair after collision іs crucial tо ensure your prized possession іs restored tо its former glory.


Bentley was an iconic luxury brand for decades. With its powerful engines and comfortable ride quality, it was ideal for driving at high speeds on public roads. The first model released onto the market was a 3-litre vehicle in 1919.

This car was unique; its engine could reach 100 miles per hour - one of the fastest cars of its time.

Rolls-Royce felt financial pressures that forced policy changes that limited Bentley. By the 1970s, Bentley cars appeared to be just Silver Dawns with different grilles.


Bentley made an immense statement in the automotive world with their groundbreaking Continental series car. This revolutionary car revolutionized luxury travel with its cutting-edge technologies and superior performance capabilities.

Since 1982, when Bentley relaunched their Continental line with the Arnage T, traditional engineering competencies had been in-sourced back into their company for the first time since the 1930s. Its turbocharged V8 engine propelled Bentley from zero to 100 km/h in just 5.5 seconds - creating a renaissance for their brand.

Modern Bentley models maintain their mix of craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. For instance, their elegant "power line" across the front of their car and its defined rear haunch were inspired by its 1952 predecessor; and in future Bentley will continue providing cars that combine power with luxury.


The Continental GT was the model that transformed Bentley. Intended to fill a niche between high-end Mercedes and Italian exotica, it demonstrated Bentley's capacity for both craftsmanship and modern design.

Volkswagen made an investment commitment of PS500 million into Crewe-based brand and factory, increasing capacity by twofold and outselling Rolls-Royce sales two to one.

At present, all Bentley cars are assembled at their company's factory in Crewe. A small number are assembled at Volkswagen's Dresden plant in Germany while bodywork for Continentals and Bentaygas produced by VW's Zwickau factory is supplied to Bentley by them. Since their acquisition by VW Group, Bentley's logo has been revised to better represent its modern values while maintaining respect for heritage values.


Bentley is one of the UK's premier upper-luxury brands, known for its emphasis on personalisation and handcrafted excellence. Their 2016 launch of the Bentayga SUV has proven instrumental in its sales success and positioning them as major contenders in this highly competitive market.

Built to meet the challenges of modern living, it featured a superior suspension system and more precise power outputs than its predecessors. Dubbed Red Label model, this success made Bentley products even more sought-after by consumers.

Today Bentley provides an extensive range of luxury vehicles, such as the Continental Flying Spur, Continental GT and Bentayga. In addition to these cars, Mulliner specialises in one-off coachbuilt models. Furthermore, Bentley aims to become carbon neutral by 2030, and offers hybrid options across its product lines.

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