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Orange is the New Black: My Thoughts

Orange is the New Black: My Thoughts

You've likely caught the buzz lately about Orange is the New Black, a new series on Netflix from the creator of Weeds.

My wife heard the host of an NPR podcast she listens to rave about the show, so we decided to give it a go.  So little television manages to retain my attention (excluding live sports) so I'm always looking for something new to sink my teeth into.  Completely spoiler-free, here's what I thought...

Orange is the New Black is weak.  It doesn't suck, it's just weak.  I almost bailed after four episodes but decided to finish the season.  After all, so many have told me it's awesome, I must have been missing something....

There are plotlines in Orange is the New Black that feel like Glee.  I wanted to cut out every scene with Dayanara and the prison guard like the cancer it was.  They even played the shitty soap opera score over their cheesy chats.

And speaking of Glee, literally half of the season finale could have been an episode of Glee had Glee taken place in jail instead of high school. If you're looking for Glee in prison, this is definitely the show for you.

Again, it didn't suck, some of the characters were interesting and the "how they got there" flashback scenes a'la Lost sometimes worked, but don't believe the hype.  This is not a great show.

Just my two cents... I'll be taking a pass on season two.

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