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Theism vs. Atheism vs. Agnosticism


The other day I posted an image comparing an American $100 bill and a Canadian $100 bill.  It seems to have ruffled a few feathers.

When it comes to God (or Yahweh, El, Allah, etc.), you typically get a passionate response.  Those who believe, believe so fully you simply can't reason with them.  Those who don't believe often come across as pretentious or arrogant.  The subject is often taboo for a reason.

I would like to know if you regard yourself as a theist, atheist or agnostic.  Feel free to elaborate with reasons why.  Also, if you wish to feel more anonymous than you already are, feel free to use a nickname.

The iPhone vs. Android vs. Blackberry and Windows vs. Mac vs. Linux discussions were awesome.  I think we can have a civil and interesting Theism vs. Atheism vs. Agnosticism discussion as well.

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