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Dani Stover on the Air in Peterborough


Dani Stover is no longer producer of the Dean Blundell Show on 102.1 The Edge.  She's still on the air, however, on The Wolf 101.5 in Peterborough, another Corus owned station.

You're likely familiar with The Wolf 101.5's program director.  He's a fellow we call Freddie P from the Humble and Fred show who blogs at Canadian Thinker.  Just last year, he wrote about Dani's courage.  Dani spoke openly and eloquently about her battles with depression.  Here's a bit of what Dani had to say.

The reason I feel the need to be open about this condition is because, with clinical depression comes a lot of stigma. And there's no need for it. One in five people suffer from some sort of depression. And I'm not talking about occasional sadness or periods of feeling distressed or miserable. I'm talking about feeling day-to-day sadness, anxiety, pessimism and helplessness.

I'm glad Dani wrote about her condition.  She wanted to "reduce the stigma behind depression" and I'm all for that.  Clinical depression is not a defect, it's an illness, and deserves the same sympathy and support that we give those with other diseases.

In her Wolf bio she states that she always "wanted to be a radio star".  That journey has now taken her to Peterborough where I'll be rooting for her.

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