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The Habs Bet With Metric Julie: The Terms


Last Sunday, I appeared on The Team 990 in Montreal.  If you haven't heard my 8-minute segment yet, click on over and give it a listen.

I made a statement that's ruffled a few Habs fans feathers.  I confidently predicted that my Toronto Maple Leafs and their Montreal Canadiens would win the exact same number of playoff games this season.  In other words, the Habs will be swept in four games in their opening round.

Metric Julie was on The Team 990 at that time, and she proposed a bet to make things interesting.  I agreed, and now we've settled on the terms.

If the Habs fail to win a playoff game this year, Metric Julie will sing "The Leafs Are The Best" on Montreal sports radio.  If you haven't heard this epic song, hear it below.

This is going to be fun.  If the Habs win a game, I have to... nahhhh, it's not going to happen.  No need to worry about it.

Go Leaf Go!

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