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Toronto Has Islands - Did You Know That?


While sipping my Saturday morning coffee (a.k.a. the best coffee of the week), I was checking out the new videos from Retrontario, my favourite YouTube account holder in the galaxy.

I've been sharing Retrontario nuggets of gold since he was posting under the moniker WNED17.  A couple of years ago, for example, I shared this classic 1984 Zoodles ad that features a song I'm still singing today.  If you're over 30, you know the tune and, although you're unlikely to admit it, you love the tune.

Retrontario just uploaded a 1986 ad for The Toronto Islands.  I used to plan day long bike rides on the Toronto Islands and it remains one of my favourite destinations in the city, but how many out-of-towners know we have islands?  It's possible our islands are our best kept secret.

Here's the ad that sparked this query.

Hey out-of-towners, yes... I'm taking to you both.  Did you know Toronto had these awesome islands?

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