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Meeting Il Duce


It's been a crazy day, and soon I'll be playing hockey and watching hockey.  But before I logoff for a bit, I've got to share an interesting story about Il Duce.

The story of Il Duce started at the old, a blog that's no longer active but still online so I can link to old entries like this.  If you click on over and read the comments, you'll see how I first encountered Il Duce.

Here's his first comment over there regarding the old Humble and Fred 20th anniversary podcast.

Gee sounds like fun!! Getting together on a Saturday and listening to two old farts whose best radio days have passed them by. Reminiscing about the good old days surrounded by a bunch of Trekkie losers who never get out of their houses.
Speaking of fools who is Mike to have his own blog... Toronto Mike, give me a break. He's nothing more than a radio host wanabee whose latched himself on to two other former morning host losers.
Ya I'll be there and then head over to the Bloor Viaduct and do the swan dive.

Il Duce came back a couple of hours later with this comment.

Better yet why don't you have that technical genius Wyle E. Coyote, I mean Toronto 'with no' Mike, replay your podcast on loud speakers every day at the Bloor Viaduct.
I'm sure the Communist Toronto Councillors would love this, so they can remove those beautiful glass barriers. And any jumper that would hear your old screeching voices would run for their lives.

Il Duce's comments became a humourous reference point for Humble and I, and it even made it into the 20th anniversary podcast.  Humble read the comment aloud.

Last month, Il Duce returned on this blog as "Mississauga".  You can read his comment in this entry.

@T.O. Mike
I see you're making lots of friends Mike.
And tell that hack HumHow he ruined my bit when he mispronounced my name during the Anniversary Podacast in May. It's not 'Il Deuce' but rather 'Il Duce(DO-che)' as in Mussolini.
What is he Bania from Seinfeld? I give him gold and he chopped it up.
Tell him The Boom sounds great but he needs Freddie with him. Loving you.

Today at lunch, I decided to try a nice looking Italian restaurant for the first time.  I walk in and 10 seconds later a gentleman introduces himself.  It's Il Duce.

Il Duce was very nice, seemed sincerely happy to see me, complimented the blog and ensured a permanent place in my heart by presenting me with a complimentary homemade meat lasagna for me to take home.

If there are no entries tomorrow, the lasagna was poisoned and you should probably alert the authorities.

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