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The Bills Belong to Toronto (Gulp!)


The Buffalo/Toronto Bills faced a winless team this afternoon, managed to hold the opposing QB to a mere two completions for 23 yards and zero TDs, yet still managed to lose.  That's unbelievably brutal.

A full week before this epic FAIL, the Bills were busy losing to another winless team.  That's when I wrote the following tweet.


That prompted several Buffalonians to pounce on me for claiming ownership of the Bills.  As I see it, any team that regularly plays regular season games in a second city is a shared team.  The Bills still belong to Buffalo, but they're also ours.  At least that's my humble opinion.

Our new Google Street View will help me show my friends in Buffalo how the Bills are marketed to us here in Toronto.  Sandwiched between two Blue Jays on the outer wall of the Rogers Centre is Bills QB Trent Edwards.

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Buffalo, we're now sharing this brutal franchise.  With the dismal Bills in tow, joining the lifeless Blue Jays, Argos and Leafs, and playoff-less Toronto FC and Raptors, I do believe you won't find a city of equal or greater futility.

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