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Maple Leafs 1, Rangers 4


0-6-1.  Hell, that's flattering, it's 7 games, 7 losses.

We've been outscored 11-2 by opponents in first periods this season.  Overall, we're averaging 2 goals a game while opponents are scoring an average of 4.57 goals against us.

It's so bad, I'm running out of adequate adjectives.  We didn't look half bad coming out of the gate last night, and we still lost 4-1 on home ice.

We can't even make lemonade from these lemons by starting a fun "let's finish last" campaign, because we don't own our own first round pick.  And we don't play again until next Saturday, so we've got a whole week to endure pot shot from Leaf haters who love to kick us when we're down.

The Monster remains our only hope.

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