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I Like Redesign


The Toronto Star recently redesigned their website.  Here's a screen cap of their current Sports page.


I like it.  It's clean and simple, and content is king.  I like their use of white space and padding.  It's definitely an improved site.

It's tough going for the newspaper industry.  Their web presence is so vital and none of us want to register to see the content let alone pay for it.  Monetizing online content isn't easy.  Sure, if you get eyeballs you can sell ads, but imagine trying to support an entire news organization like the Toronto Star with online ads.

Then there's guys like me who never see the ads.  The reason you see no ads in the screen cap above is because I surf the web with Adblock Plus added on to my Firefox web browser.  I haven't seen an ad online in years.

Still, you've got to have a good web presence, and this redesign is a good one.

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