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Here are recent comments left on this site you may have missed.  All of these comments were left within the past few weeks.

Being more versed in coffee, i find it astonishing how far backwards Canada is about it, but Canada seems to be in the midst of a war against quality, or perhaps it's just against individuality-- at Starbucks everyone can have a coffee tailored specifically to them, at tim hortins everyone drinks the same thing. Even 3rd world Asia has some better coffee shops. In Canada mostly all you see is Tim Hortons or Coffee time and they are no different than 7/11 or any gas station in the states, they don't even make any specialty coffee except what comes from a coffee vending machine where there is no skill on the part of the barista and where it's loaded with sugar. In the states they have these same exact machines but where you stick 75 cents in them and it drops a cup and pours the coffee. These are not real lattes/cappucinos etc, if anything they might be considered terrible mocha's. Real cappucinos and lattes do not have sugar added by default. Tim Hortins is a total abomination, but i guess they just rely on anti-americanism and herd behavior to stay in business. Great!! enjoy your mass produced gas station vending machine coffee together sheep, ill enjoy a nice grande latte for roughly the same price-- a latte that doesn't come from a machine, or taste like chocolate syrup. I guess that makes me some sort of arrogant self-centered snob because i prefer quality coffee specially tailored to my taste. So be it.
~ K, I Just Want A Coffee
Hi all,
It's me again.  Thanks for your continued support and kind words which mean so much to me.   I want to let you know that I'll be back on the radio beginning this weekend as the co-host of The 80s Show (alongside the terrific KCC).  In one of life's strange twists, this show airs on 97.3 EZRock in Toronto and on a bunch of other Astral Media owned EZRock stations across Canada.    In Toronto, check out it out on Sunday mornings from 10am-12pm.   I'll be on the EZRock morning show tomorrow morning to chat about this (strange, I know!).    I'm excited about this show and delighted to be back on the airwaves.  It's a good start as I continue to look for the right opportunity to get back to it full-time.
I'd love it if you'd give a listen and let me know what you think. You can find me on Facebook...let's keep in touch.
~ Stu Jeffries, Humble Howard Returns To Morning Radio on EZ Rock 97.3
Prima is now out of business!!!!!  Their shop in Richmond is gone!!   I own a Prima myself and glad the people they ripped off comes back to them.  What comes around goes around!!!
~ Roy, My Prima Television Nightmare
Toronto's crime rates are falling, and given the fact that I walk in different parts of the city and feel comfortable.
He conveniently forgets that Toronto's record for homicides was set quite awhile ago (1991, about 20 years ago!). Does he remember how shitty pretty much all of Queen West was? Now it's diversified in income, and Parkdale isn't just for the mentally ill anymore. The area I grew up in today no longer sees the kind of illegal dumping it did 20 years ago, and the retail strip which was a bunch of abandoned storefronts 20 years ago is now vibrant with pedestrians commercial activity.
The smelly factories are gone as well. There are more festivals, and more tourists. We're restoring old buildings rather than knocking them down. The progress is tangible. Certain areas in the city have declined, while others have been revived. This is natural and happens in every city.
I often compare my taxes with friends and family living around Toronto and with my real estate in the US, and the rate is surprisingly comparable, except that I get more services and get to live in a more cosmopolitan place. Argie's some provincial WASP lamenting the good 'ol days. Like some reactionary, with tones of fascism in his homophobia, ambiguously insinuating that the tolerant, liberal society is someone negative.
~ Andrew Kowalski, 175 Reasons to Love Toronto
hi ed boon this is jake, i like this game so i have a question, can i play this game online. if no, how much does the game cost? if no than can you give me directions on how to do it. bye
~ jake, Ed Boon's Mortal Kombat Armageddon Demo
Blinky (first version)was yellow and a dodge plymmouth was taken out to pasture and donated to the toront shrine club, and was replaced by the new white ford.
~ Paul Causton, Documenting Blinky's History
Yeah, I agree. All the new ads for the 2010 cars are coming out, and they all say "two thousand ten".
Damn, "two thousand" has lost its edge, it doesn't sound futuristic anymore. "Twenty" sounds modern and appropriate for 2010.
*sigh* those damn car companies, probably just want to make absolute sure that none of their customers were confused about "twenty-ten".
~ Patrick, Two-Thousand-and-Ten or Twenty-Ten?
Walt was like my brother. My best friend from age 3 right through school. He was a loyal friend through thick and thin. That goal "rollin rollin rollin" - that was just like his life. He kept rollin. We started watching the Stooges in kindergarden and never looked back. Mike Martin (I remember you well - you were the other guy in public school we wouldn't fight)- you nailed it. He liked to beat us at everything. He was the best at all sports. He won most of the time at board games. He even won at ramdom stuff like cards and dice games. He was a winner. His first game of organized junior peewee hockey he held the puck on a string and scored 6 easy goals. That was his last game of "junior" peewee as well. He was the first to "roof" one playing baseball at Algonquin school and to dunk on those 8 foot hoops. He loved a good time and knew what one was and a great friend to many. RIP buddy
~ Karl Szugalew, Walt Poddubny, Dead at 49
I also am looking for a jewelery image out of a 1981 or 1982 catalogue. My parents gave me a ring for my 16th birtday with a beautiful poem about my birth attached to it. The ring disappeared some years ago and I would like to find a picture of it. My mother is very ill with dimentia and I would like to bring this memory back to her if possible while I still can. Any information would be greatly appreciated as to where I could get this image.
~ Kristie, Consumers Distributing
people of Toronto revolt - the water of the Don River will flow red with blood until 1050 CHUM rises like a phoenix once again!
~ Kev, 1050 CHUM Now CP24 Radio 1050
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