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It's Not What You Write, It's How You Get There


The blogosphere is a funny place.  It's not as important what you write as it is how people get there.  Allow me to explain...

When my friend Humble Howard became part of the morning team at EZ Rock this summer, I wrote about it. My entry didn't even mention the host who was let go to make room for Humble.  If you click back, you won't find the words Stu Jeffries, but that entry is now purely visited by fans of Stu Jeffries.

You see, Stu's name appeared several times in the comments for that entry, and Google began to rank that entry quite high when people Googled Stu Jeffries.  In fact, at the time of this writing, that entry about Humble starting at EZ Rock is #1 when you Google the name Stu Jeffries.

Fans of the old Stu & Colleen morning show are naturally missing Stu.  They want to know where he's at and how he's doing, so they Google his name.  Then, they find a forum where they can share their feelings and discuss the change with others who have found the entry the same way.  In other words, the traffic to that entry is primarily comprised of Stu Jeffries fans and this has resulted in 77 comments and counting, most of which are critical of the change.

I find this somewhat amusing because when Humble Howard was fired from his morning show gig with Mix 99.9, I wrote an entry that quickly became number one when people Googled Humble Howard.  Heck, I'm still #5 for that search.  400 people left comments after searching his name to learn where he was at and how he was doing.  The traffic to that entry was primarily comprised of Humble Howard fans who wanted to hate on Mad Dog and Billie.

It's not necessarily what you write that will drive the comments, it's how people find the entry.  In the blogosphere, context matters more than content.

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