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Listeria Hysteria


Every day the list of recalled Maple Leaf products seems to grow.  I don't know about you, but I see a couple of items I've ingested over the past couple of weeks.  I'm still shocked at how many brand names fall under the Maple Leaf umbrella.  Schneiders? Shopsys?  Who knew?

I'm not worried.  Listeria is listed as the cause of death for six people in Ontario, but we're likely talking about six elderly people.  The one who's been identified was 89 years old.  I'm told most healthy adults and children who ingest listeria germs will not get sick.

During this listeria hysteria people are being advised to avoid deli meats all together.  When in doubt, throw it out. As I watch this episode unfold, I'm impressed with the way Maple Leaf has handled it.  Their recall was swift and voluntary, they're saying all the right things and they're buying ad time to fully disclose everything.  It's going to be a tough road for them, but they're improving their chances of brand repair with this aggressive approach.

For a complete list of recalled Maple Leaf products, click here.

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