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Don't Mess With Denyse in Qualicum Beach, BC


Over a year and a half ago I shared my frustration with Prima Television.  You can click through to read the overwhelming response to that entry.  I wasn't alone.

One week ago, Denyse from Qualicum Beach left this comment on that entry.

My mother who is 92 today - legally blind and on a fixed income bought a Prima in June/07 - this June - no video - just audio - Sears did NOT care - we are willing to pay to have it fixed but Victor at Prima promised to help over a month ago - guess what??? nothimg happened - I am writing to Sears - Best Buy and Future Shop - copy to Beter Business Bureau (Prima is NOT a member - I wonder why) and Global TV letting them know about this BS and this Blog.

That wasn't the last time I heard from Denyse.  Earlier today, she sent an email to and CC'd me on it.  Here's the email she sent.  I've censored some identifying details.

I have left many messages for "VIC" to no avail
My Mother is 92 years old - on a fixed income and legally blind - macular degenaration
She saved for a long time to get a new TV (her only recreation is watching Tv and sitting outside)
Her Tv (purchased at Sears in Parksville BC for $1,499.99 on June 16/07) broke down on June 30/08 - we understood that there was no more guarantee - we are willing to pay to have it repaired - we dropped it off at Oceanside Electronics on July 2nd/08 - they cannot get service from you guys - here's what I am going to do:
Tomorrow - write the President of Sears Canada letting him know that he is selling junk when selling Prima and he should stop right now - sending a link to (my prima television nightmare)
Monday - write the President of Future Shop and Best Buy Canada advising of the lack of service from Prima and suggesting they should stop selling it right now - also sending a link to (my prima television nightmare)
Next Friday (Sept 5th) write consumer advocates for BCTV - Global news (Vancouver) CHEK TV and telling the story of my poor fragile Mom and your lack of service
Friday Sept 12/08 - paying for an ad in Vancouver and Victoria paper letting everyone know what a piece of Junk your products are
My Mom gets a new TV today or the right parts to get her fixed
I've had enough
Denyse **********
******** & Associates
1-888-***-**** (clients only)
***-***-**** (Fax)
***-***-**** (office)

I thought it was pretty cool that Denyse thought a CC to me on her email to Prima would make a difference.  Then, shortly thereafter, I was CC'd on an email to Denyse from Frank Macri, VP of Operations at Prima.  Here's that email.

Hi Denyse - your email was forwarded to me, I manage the Service Dept. I don't have any details on what is holding back the repair of your mothers' television but I will find out and will have a resolution for your mother today. Either I or someone from our office will be contacting you later today with an action plan.

That's where we're at right now. When I have an update from Denyse, I'll add it to the comments.  I'm just happy to fill the void now that Silverman Helps has been cancelled.

Watch it, buddy!

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