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Culture Reject - Inside the Cinema


I got a message from a reader named Brian earlier today.

Here's what Brian had to say.

hey mike, i wanted to ask you about this song a month ago, but i had to see if i would still like it. culture reject - "inside the cinema" has really grown on me. i have decided to tell people about it. i heard it on xm52 the verge, and tonight i noticed this clip on youtube. if you have not heard it, i hope you like it too. if you get a minute, tell me what you think.

I played the YouTube clip once, and liked what I heard.  Then I played it a second time and felt the groove.  That got me searching for the MP3 which led me to this blog.  The studio version is even better, and get this, they're from Toronto.

Hey Bri, why did you sit on this for a whole month?  Share the love, bro.

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