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You Have No Right To Protest


As the Olympic Games draw closer, I find myself getting more and more upset.  Back in March I shared my conflicted feelings.  I love the Olympics and I enjoy posting about every medal Canada wins, but I hate to give that kind of attention to this event in China at this time.

International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge says that athletes have no right to make individual protests during the Games.  Our athletes have no right to protest the celebration of a country with a laundry list of human rights violations ranging from the suppression of religious liberties to the execution of thousands of its citizens annually for challenging the ruling party and supporting Darfur genocide and other evils throughout the world.

I said it in March and I'm sticking with the plan.  I will celebrate each Canadian medal with an entry but I won't be celebrating these games or the host country in print.  I'm rooting for our athletes and pumped about promoting them, I just don't want to glorify these Games.

That's my right.

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