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At the office, I'm the president of the coffee club.  I created a logo and everything.  We have a French press and we try different types of coffee.  We've got coffee from Brazil, Columbia, Cuba, Mexico, etc.

This morning, we tried Canadian coffee.  I was surprised to hear there was such a thing.  When I think of Canada, I think of a different beverage.  I always assumed Coffee was best grown in warmer climes.

The coffee we tried was called Kicking Horse Coffee and it's "nestled in the heart of the Canadian Rockies and at the headwaters of the mighty Columbia River."  Here's a teaser from their site.

Some people say it is the Rocky Mountain air, some people suggest it is the altitude... whatever it is, we're not footing the medical bill if our coffee takes you out with a roundhouse to the taste buds! Traditionally roasted and blended at 3,000 feet above sea level, Kicking Horse offers a 21-flavour portfolio of the very best Organic Fair Trade coffee concoctions in the country.

We didn't love this coffee, but our love of Canada made it taste just a little sweeter.  It's a different flavour than I'm used to, sort of ranchy, sort of hard to explain, but it's cool having the option to brew Canadian coffee.

Don't worry Brazil and Columbia, you have nothing to fear.

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