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Our Lady Peace Get American Idol Exposure


When American Idol aired last night, I was busy dodging balls.  It has since come to my attention that contestant David Cook, previously written about here and my personal favourite in the competition, performed a song from the Our Lady Peace catalogue calling OLP his "favourite band".

I've always had difficulty gauging the popularity of Canadian bands south of the border.  I hear Americans don't get The Tragically Hip, but I know they seem to really like Nickelback.  Toronto's Our Lady Peace, a band I've seen live a couple of times, is a band I always assumed was a way bigger deal here in the great white north than in the USA.  I'm rather shocked (and pleasantly surprised) to hear Raine Maida and the boys rank #1 on David Cook's hit list.

I used to be a rather big OLP fan.  Naveed, the album, is one of my favourites, and "Naveed", the song, is still an iPod staple.  Clumsy was a solid disc as well, with the wonderful "4am", but after that I sort of morphed from huge Our Lady Peace fan to OLP appreciator, if you know what I mean.

Here's David Cook singing Our Lady Peace's "Innocent".  Too bad he didn't hit us up with something earlier.  A little "Starseed" would have been cool.

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