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If You Want A Blog, Let Me Know


If you've got something to say or wish to cover a topic and address an audience, you should blog.  This web thing is really catching on and a nicely put together blog with an RSS feed is your best chance to actually communicate beyond your immediate family and a few close friends.

If you want a blog, and don't know where to start, drop me a line.  I'm not free, but for a nominal fee I'll hold your hand as you pick up a solid domain name and some very inexpensive web space.  Then, I install Movable Type, code your preferred look and feel, optimize the sucker for search and teach you how the heck to manage the thing all by yourself.  I promise, you don't need to do any coding as I ensure Movable Type does all the heavy lifting, including the automatic creation of permalinks, the adding of the entry to category and monthly archives, the updating of the RSS feed, the pinging of Technorati and other blog aggregators and other bloggy goodness.  Oh yeah, I'll set up a cool and free stats app too, so you can watch your traffic grow as you write more and more excellent content, just like this!

Most Torontonians know the names Humble and Fred.  I performed all of the above for both of them.  Humble's blogging at and Fred's blogging at   Fellow Humble and Fred fan Buffalo Boy just signed up for the Toronto Mike blogging package.  Although I just installed Movable Type for him today, he'll soon be blogging up a storm at

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