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The Rouge Does Suck


There's a nice little list in the Sun today.  They rank the top 10 dumb sports rules and #1 on their hitlist is the Canadian football rouge.  Here's what the article says.

How much do we need to say about a rule that rewards failure? If you lineup for a field goal and miss, you should get nothing. Instead, in the CFL, you get a point even if you miss by 20 yards, as long as the other team concedes or the ball goes through the end zone. However, if the ball goes off the upright, which means it was a decent kick that missed by inches, you don't get a point. Here's a single point for you -- the rouge sucks.

I too think the rouge sucks.  It's not just in the CFL, I remember Michael Power getting on the board in a Metro Bowl by scoring a rouge.  I've never understood the purpose of the rouge, other than to differentiate our game from the American game, and that's not a good enough reason.

The best moment a rouge ever gave us was that great scene in The Simpsons episode "When Flanders Failed" when Homer was watching the CFL draft on television.

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