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When Metro Morning Calls, You Accept the Charges


I received a voice mail this morning from Olivia, a producer of Metro Morning on CBC Radio One.  Metro Morning is the top morning show in the city, and even though Andy Barrie is on vacation, I returned the call.

Metro Morning wants to discuss Crocs, and they found this entry via a heavily promoted article on Slate.  That makes me an internationally renown Crocs expert and a potential guest on Friday morning's show.

Blogging is strange.  You never know which entries are going to explode.  I wrote about the Croc conundrum off the cuff and spent about two minutes on it, and now it's most likely the most read entry on this site.  Yesterday alone 9,000 unique visitors came to read that entry, and Olivia was one.

I'll let you know if I'll be on 99.1 on Friday.  It should be good for shits and giggles.

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