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Pinery's Sandy Beaches


I've returned from a three day escape to Pinery, a Provincial Park on Lake Huron near Grand Bend, Ontario.

I've camped at Pinery before, but not in 16 years.  It was even better than I remembered it.  The sandy beaches at Pinery beat the crap out of anything you'll find at Wasaga and there's no tacky strip to compete with the landscape.  The swimming was outstanding, the trails were fun and the nightly campfires were the icing on the cake.  Here's a photoset of pics I took throughout the extended weekend.

This was the first time in quite a while I totally unplugged.  For three whole days I didn't hear a single news report on the radio, I didn't read a single newspaper, I didn't catch a millisecond of television or stumble upon a single computer.  It's nice to see everything is where I left it and nothing of significance happened in my absence.  The cosmic ballet continues...

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