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Pitcher Wanted, Apply Within


The other day J.P. Ricciardi publicly called out A.J. Burnett.  In a similar fashion, I'm calling out our Raging Storm pitcher, M.F.

Mofo, that's three game day cancellations on your part.  When a Patino or a Matty bails, it's no biggie.  I shuffle the lineup a little and we don't miss a beat.  You, however, are our pitcher.  It's no secret we don't have an awesome backup, so when you bail on game day we're left scrambling.  In the four games you've missed, we're 0-4, mainly because the competition walks their way to a big inning and buries us.

We're 5-5-1 overall, and that fifth loss was the game you were late for, so in games you show up to on time we're undefeated in six.  With a reliable pitcher, we're pretty awesome.  Without a reliable pitcher, we're a fairly mediocre bunch.

Mofo, what's the deal?  Where's the commitment?

To everyone else, if you play slo-pitch and can pitch in games in the Etobicoke / Mississauga neck of the woods, please contact me.  If you're a female who can pitch, I already love you.  Drop Cito a line...

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