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A few things have been banging around in my head and I haven't had a chance to commit the thoughts to blogification, so this is a smorgasbord.

1) Prime Minister Stephen Harper has stated the Quebecois form a nation within Canada.  Does that actually mean anything?  Considering Quebec is not being recognized as an independent nation, calling the Quebecois a nation within Canada is nothing more than semantic lip service.  Has the meaning of nation changed recently or am I missing something?

2) As I write this, a Canadian is the MVP of the NHL, NBA and American League.  This will never, ever happen again, but it's pretty damn cool it happened once.

3) When I wrote about Michael Richards earlier this week, I called him "Kramer" in the title.  I've noticed a great deal of mainstream news outlets are doing the same, referring to Richards by his "Seinfeld" character's name.  This tells you how type cast the guy is.  To most, he's Kramer.  Nobody identifies him with any other role.

4) When I wrote that entry about Richards, I accidentally called his character Cosmos Kramer and not Cosmo Kramer.  Google indexed the error before I could fix it and subsequent Google searches for Cosmos Kramer had me sitting at #2.  I should have left it as it was.  I've now dropped to #5.

5) It turns out my kids both hate Oh Henry! bars and I've felt personally obligated to ensure we don't waste a single one from their halloween loot.  I never want to see another one again.

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