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Pretend, The Haunting Song in the "In View" Video


When I first watched the video for The Tragically Hip's "In View", I was taken aback by a snippet of a song that interrupts "In View" at about the 32 second mark.  We're bouncing around to "In View" when suddenly Gord is looking solemnly into the mirror as about 15 seconds of this hauntingly beautiful song is played.  What was that song?

With The Hip streaming all of World Container ahead of its release date, I had a chance to hear the entire album.  Seven tracks in, I heard that song.  It's called "Pretend" and it's stunning.  I've been through the album a dozen times now and a number of tracks stand out as winners, but "Pretend" has seeped deep under my skin.  If you're streaming, it starts at the 23:26 mark.

In addition to "Pretend", I can't get enough of "The Lonely End Of The Rink" which just gets better and better with every listen.  The lead track "Yer Not The Ocean" is very strong as is "The Drop Off" and "Fly".  As for "In View", you already know what I think.

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