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My First Composite Stick


When I returned to playing hockey after a 21-year absence, I bought myself a wooden stick for $9.99 at Canadian Tire.  That stick lasted me until last Friday when it finally broke.

When a wood stick lasts you almost five months, it's a good indication you don't have much of a slap shot and it's a rec league.  Both are true, but it was $9.99 well spent.  I got fifteen goals out of that sucker, but some things aren't built to last.

Today, I bought my first composite stick.  I found a good two-for-$99.99 deal and found a buddy to go in with me.  I'm told it's worth the fifty bucks... we'll see tonight when I break it in.

It's a Nike Bauer Hockey Vapor XII Senior Composite Ice Hockey Stick- 87 Flex with an Eric Lindros curve, in case you want to tell me now that I just threw away $50.

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