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Time Healed This Wound


A little over a month ago, I suffered a first degree left shoulder separation.  It was my first separated shoulder, and I had no idea how the healing process would go.  The doctor told me it would take eight weeks to heal and I could start playing sports again whenever I could handle the pain, because I couldn't make it any worse.

It seems time heals all wounds.  Here's a quick breakdown of the healing process.

Week One
Pure hell.  Two percocets every four hours just to stay ahead of the excruciating pain.  It hurt to sleep, I couldn't come close to touching my nose with my left hand and I didn't think I'd ever be able to lift my four year old daughter again.

Week Two
The pain is dulling!  Still riding the percocet train to wellville, but I'm getting my range of motion back.  Look, ma!  I can touch the top of my head!

Week Three
Great improvement!  I can use the arm, I just can't put any muscle into it.  For example, I can push the snow with the shovel, I just can't do the lift part to dump it on my neighbour's lawn.  I think I can play hockey, though... Yeah, I'm crazy, but it's a good crazy.  The percs are now only for sleeping.

Week Four
The separated shoulder now feels more like a bad bruise.  I'm playing hockey and, for the first time since grade school, I played three sets of volleyball.  I'm back, baby!!!  Although I still can't sleep on my left side....

I considered suicide as an escape during week one, but now I'm glad I held on.  I'll be 100% by spring training.

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