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Goal Two: Don't Be Magnificent


Last week I played my first game of hockey in about 21 years.  My goal was to survive, and I accomplished that objective with ease.

Ok, it wasn't with ease.  I was pretty winded by the 40 minute mark.  We only had one sub, so I was out there for the bulk of the hour and I was pretty beat before the final buzzer.

My primary objective this week is to realize I am not Mario Lemieux.  Last week, when my defenseman had the puck, I'd rush on the wing and look back to receive the pass on the fly.  I found it awfully tough to skate full steam ahead while looking back to take the forward pass on the tape of my stick.  You see, I was trying to play the way I see NHLers play, and I just ended up with a sore neck and no goals.

Tonight, as I lace up the skates for game #2, I won't try to take the pass in full stride.  Tonight I will not attempt to be magnificent.

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