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Goal Three: Score a Goal


I just finished my third week of recreational hockey.  The goal in week #1 was to survive, and my modest goal in week #2 was to accept the fact I wasn't Mario Lemieux.  Tonight, I wanted to score.

I don't remember scoring a single goal in my entire house league career.  I played for several years at Swansea, and I'm pretty sure had I scored it would have been rather memorable.  Going goalless my first two weeks meant I'm goalless in a lifetime of ice hockey.  That's pretty remarkable.  Tonight, I intended to break that streak of futility.

I actually scored twice twice tonight.  The first was a breakaway as I faked to the back hand and slipped the puck in alongside the opposite post.  It was pretty sweet because this was no garbage goal.  I shaked and I baked.

The second goal was on a nice pass as I waited in the slot.  I let go a nice little snap shot that bulged the twine.  I actually think I'm getting the hang of this.

I have one more goal to accomplish, but more on that next Friday.  For now, I'm basking in the glory of my two-goal effort and the demise of 34-year shutout streak.

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