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Rathika Sitsabaiesan's Member of Parliament Profile reveals she's an NDP MP for Scarborough-Rouge River.  If you click over, you'll see the profile pic on the left. According to Contrarian, Rathika Sitsabaiesan's profile pic was originally the one you see on the right. Can you see the difference?
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Shit Harper Did

Have you seen Shit Harper Did? It's got this: In 2007, Harper cut $1.2 Billion in spending for the establishment of quality national childcare. However, he never kept his promise to cut the $1.4 billion in tax breaks he gives to oil companies (the wealthiest corporations in history)
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Countdown To When It's Okay To Revisit Freddie P's Conservative Party Propaganda Machine

With a federal election scheduled for Monday, May 2, 2011, my friend Freddie P's blog has become a part of the Conservative Party's propaganda machine. It's essentially unvisitable until this election passes, so for your convenience and mine, I've created this handy little countdown clock: //Dynamic countdown
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Taliban Mike?

Freddie P finally wrote about Stephen Harper's request to prorogue Parliament.  Fred's got a hard on for Stevie, anointing him "the rational man" no matter what he says or does. Fred's entry opened with a direct shot at yours truly.  "Check out the crap going on over at Taliban Mike.
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Never Trust a Politician

Never trust a politician.  It's a kin to trusting a salesman.  They'll most likely tell you what you want to hear in an effort not to alienate potential voters. Browsing Saturday's Globe, there was a fluff piece in which several people at a party celebrating the Indian Festival of Lights
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Sexy Isotopes

A medical isotope shortage isn't sexy, despite what natural resources minister Lisa Raitt said. The Springfield Isotopes, an AA minor league baseball team that plays its home games at Duff Stadium, however, is sexy.  Just ask Dancin' Homer.
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Obama's Inaugural Speech

I watched Barack Obama's inaugural speech live this afternoon.  I thought it was brutally honest, without an ounce of sugar coating, but I thought it was liberally sprinkled with hope.  I believe this was the right speech at this time, a time of "gathering clouds and raging storms". If you
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One More for the Road (and Argie)

I've already written my final words about Dubya.  Here's one more for the road, and regular commenter Argie who unabashedly defends George W. Bush's presidential record because that's his thing. This is Keith Olbermann on MSNBC summarizing 8 years of Bush in 8 minutes. Now I really am done.
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My Final Words About Dubya

George Dubya Bush has 14 days left in office.  A recent poll found that 79 percent of Americans will not miss him after he leaves the White House.  This will be my very last entry about Dubya, a man I won't even miss as blog fodder. Throughout the past eight
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