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What the Hell Just Happened? #elxn41


Toronto, what the hell did you just do?

Prior to last night's federal election, there had never been a Conservative Party MP in the 416.  Now there are eight.

Prior to last night's federal election, the Liberal Party dominated Toronto, holding every seat except for Jack and Olivia's.  Today, they hold but seven.  The NDP now hold eight.  If you're keeping score at home, here's how Toronto's 23 seats measure up.

  • NDP: 8
  • Conservatives: 8
  • Liberals: 7

That's a sea of blue, ensuring Stephen Harper was delivered a majority.  I'm not going to be overly dramatic here.  I'm not leaving this country.  But I am concerned with what King Harper will do with his majority.  His ego, his right-wing Reform agenda, unchallenged in parliament - eek!

I've got my first three slo-pitch games scheduled for later this week.  My comp team's 2nd baseman's dad tweeted what shall be my entry-closing statement.

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