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Taliban Mike?


Freddie P finally wrote about Stephen Harper's request to prorogue Parliament.  Fred's got a hard on for Stevie, anointing him "the rational man" no matter what he says or does.

Fred's entry opened with a direct shot at yours truly.  "Check out the crap going on over at Taliban Mike.  I really don't know where to begin with this stuff."

That's right, Fred called me Taliban Mike.  To prove a forced point, he's comparing me to that fundamentalist Islamic militia.  It's a remarkably offensive stretch, but I know Fred's just playing shock jock.  I'm not alone in my opinion of Harper's latest insult to democracy.

I'd like to address one commenter over on Freddie's entry.  It's by Dial Twister and he/she asks:

Either you're quite willing to throw your (former?) friend, Toronto Mike, under the bus, or the two of you have a publicity pact going on.

Firstly, there's no publicity pact here.  I found out about "Taliban Mike" when it showed up in my Google Reader.  As for throwing me under the bus, he's done it before.  We disagree fundamentally on so many things but it never messes with our friendship.  His politics are a little far to the right for my liking, but he's good people and I love the peckerhead.

And no, there's no truth to the rumour that I'm keeping Humble and Fred's Fifth Podcast hostage.  Dan Duran is the bottleneck there, I swear.

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