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Never Trust a Politician

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Never trust a politician.  It's a kin to trusting a salesman.  They'll most likely tell you what you want to hear in an effort not to alienate potential voters.

Browsing Saturday's Globe, there was a fluff piece in which several people at a party celebrating the Indian Festival of Lights were asked about their cinematic allegiances.  Bollywood or Hollywood?

The non-politicians asked seemed to answer honestly.  Sudhi Matholi admitted he preferred Hollywood movies.  Anita Kapal wanted to say Bollywood, but admitted she preferred Hollywood because Bollywood is overdramatic.  But wait until you read the answers from Bob Rae, Michael Ignatieff and George Smitherman.

Bob Rae

Bollywood is bigger, it's alive and it's having a huge impact on Toronto.  I like both, but if I had to choose - there was no better movie last year than Slumdog Millionaire.

Michael Ignatieff

In this crowd, it's got to be Bollywood.  I love the singing and the dancing.  It lifts you up every time.  There's a kind of joy there that we all need.

George Smitherman

I like Bollywood for the authenticity.

Again, never trust a politician.  Authenticity is not on the menu.

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