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David Common to Host Metro Morning on CBC Radio

Metro Morning is really the only morning show I listen to, tuning in for spots while in the shower or getting the kids ready for school. When FOTM Matt Galloway moved on to host The Current, I thought David Common was the best of the fill-in guests.

Ismaila Alfa got the gig, but has since moved on to host Fresh Air, and now David Common has the gig. David's no stranger to Metro Morning listeners, as he's filled in often.

Common has worked as a host with CBC's award-winning consumer watchdog show Marketplace while also serving as a foreign correspondent for CBC News, most recently embedding with a Canadian naval ship to get this story on tensions in the South China Sea. And yes, he has woken up early before: Common was the host of CBC Radio's World Report.

Next up for David Common? A visit to the basement for an episode of Toronto Mike'd.

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