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CityLine Cancelled After 40 Years

CityLine debuted on CityTV way back in 1984. The talkshow and lifestyle program was hosted by Dini Petty, and I spoke to Dini about it in great detail during her Toronto Mike'd debut.

Toronto Mike’d Podcast Episode 662: Dini Petty
In this 662nd episode, Mike chats with Dini Petty about her years flying the pink helicopter reporting traffic for CKEY, her move to Citytv, hosting CityLine, her move to CFTO and The Dini Petty Show, her brushes with death, and more. This episode is exactly 1:19:30. You can listen to this episode …

Dini hosted the show until 1989 when Marilyn Denis took over, and Marilyn hosted until 2008. Tracy Moore was named host later that year and will be the final host of CityLine as Rogers has announced the CityTV program has been cancelled.

According to the Toronto Star, Tracy Moore will now "host a live, national, hour-long lifestyle news and features segment as part of Citytv’s Breakfast Television."

Shout out to the OG CityLine theme song, "I'm Still Standing" by Elton John.

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