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Richie Favalaro and Caitlin Green Gone From CHUM, Victims of Bell Cuts

Yesterday I wrote about the massive cuts BCE made, affecting 4800 employees across the country. Many of these people work for the 45 radio stations Bell sold, but there are also many behind-the-scenes and on-air people from television and radio stations Bell has not yet sold.

Two people you'd hear on the air on 104.5 CHUM were victims of these Bell cuts: Richie Favalaro and Caitlin Green. Richie Favalaro joined CHUM in 2006 and in addition to hosting the show after Marilyn Denis and Jamar McNeil, he hosted the CHUM Chart Top 40.

Caitlin Green was a part of the Marilyn Denis and Jamar McNeil morning show, serving as Associate Producer in addition to her on-air duties. She had been at CHUM since 2012.

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