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This is the Month

It's March. This is the month. This is the month in which my baby girl will be born.

My wife is almost 37 weeks pregnant. I know because I've literally been counting them down. Her OB/GYN is happy with everything, from the baby's heartbeat to the fundal height, and now the excitement is setting in.

This will be my fourth child, and my second daughter. It will also be my last. The next time I'm this psyched about a birth it will be because I'm becoming a grandfather.

When my third child was born, I moved my podcast studio from the second floor to the basement and gave him that room. This time, I'm completely out of rooms. My oldest son has the basement room around the corner from my studio, and my daughter's not interested in sharing her room with a toddler or baby, so there are some decisions to make. The newborn will likely sleep in a bassinet in our room for the first while before she moves to a crib in her littlest brother's room. It's literally a full house.

Then there's the car situation. I've driven the same car for 17 years and I still love it, but it only has five seatbelts. If the entire family is driving somewhere, there's a problem. We either take two cars or I bike to the destination. At some point, I need a car with at least six seats.

Other than those two minor details, we're ready. There's something about being 100% sure this is your last child. I'm as ready as I'll ever be.

This is the month.... I can't wait to meet her.

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