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Gord Martineau Signs Off as CityNews Anchor

Surprise! Gord Martineau signed off as anchor of the six o’clock news for the last time today. There was no goodbye, no farewell tour, he signed off as normal and a press release was issued by Rogers.

From the press release:

Martineau began his career with City back in 1977 as anchor of CityPulse. A Montreal-native, Martineau easily adapted to the Toronto environment and became an important part of the community, bringing a new brand of newscast to Torontonians. Throughout the years, he led coverage of the biggest local stories of our time, from Terry Fox’s heroic marathon run, to international affairs including Canada’s involvement in Afghanistan, and the events surrounding former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

Here's something I wrote about Gord 12 years ago. As I wrote then, I don't remember a time he wasn't anchoring the six o'clock news on CityTV. I even ranked him #5 on my list of Canadian Gords.

Here he is returning to CityTV back in 1980 after a few weeks working for the Global Television Network.

Mike Cooper recently left his Rogers Media gig to much fanfare. Gord Martineau was the biggest name at City for decades and didn't even say goodbye. This doesn't look like a happy parting, but I won't speculate any further.

It's the end of an era.

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