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Yesterday's Bike Fall

Yesterday, at about noon, I crashed. Literally. Let me tell you about it...

Much like today, it was warm out, but rainy. Ice certainly wasn't a concern, as we were nowhere near the freezing mark. It was just another rainy ride.

There's a little loop near the Port Credit Yacht Club I decided to ride. Part of it is pavement, where coincidentally I fell last January before snapping this picture. Then, the pavement ends and a wooden boardwalk completes the loop. Here's a photo of this spot, taken earlier today.


Less than a half second after the rubber of my front tire hit the wood, I was down. It was far more slippery than any ice I can remember. There was no traction at all, it was pure slick, and I crashed down on my left side before I knew what was happening.

Yes, my head slammed into the wood. Yes, I was wearing a helmet, because I won't ride without one. I was bruised, but otherwise fine, so I got up and continued my ride.

What makes this part of the Waterfront Trail so slippery? Again, there's no chance of ice, as it was an unseasonably warm day. It was just wet wood, but it's so dangerous to ride or walk on, I'm surprised there's no signage or that this surface even exists.

Not only do I now have a helmet to replace but it was my first crash on my new bike. It seems fine, but nothing messes up a finely tuned bike faster than a crash.

Here's the part of the Waterfront Trail you should avoid in wet conditions. I'm thinking of putting up a sign myself.

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