Daily Photo: Lake Ontario Ice Water

Like an idiot, I decided to leave the primary trail this afternoon for a quiet scenic trail. It was idiotic because this unused part of the trail was essentially a sheet of ice, but I didn't realize it until it was too late.

As I slid helplessly on my side along the ice, I saw the prettiest sight. The sun reflecting on Lake Ontario through ice covered branches. Even before I picked myself off the ground, I took out my phone and snapped a picture. Here it is.


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Fantastic photo.
It is amazing how quickly you can end of on your butt on a slippery trail. One second you're upright; the next second you're lying on the ground thinking "what just happened?"!

January 9, 2015 @ 3:12 PM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike


The second my tire hit the sheet of ice, I went down.

And it wasn't scary or painful, it was sort of fun. I was just sliding along on my side....

January 9, 2015 @ 3:15 PM

this guest

Nice shot! Funny story too!
"...as I slid helplessly..."

January 9, 2015 @ 3:19 PM

Rick C in Oakville

Were you using clip ins?

January 9, 2015 @ 4:00 PM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike

This fall was inevitable once I turned onto the path of ice... It was straight down without warning.

I was using my old school clips, not the clipless one that clip into the bottom of the shoe.

January 9, 2015 @ 4:08 PM



Poor Mary.

January 9, 2015 @ 4:41 PM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike


This detail never made Facebook so Mary will never know.

January 9, 2015 @ 4:42 PM


Another great photo, Mike.

January 9, 2015 @ 6:23 PM

Rick C in Oakville

I was just bringing the clips up from your conversation with Ray.

January 9, 2015 @ 7:41 PM


Images like this are why I like living near the lake. I wouldn't like residing in Ajax, or pretty much anywhere in Durham Region, if I couldn't be really close to the lake. At least I can afford to live near the lake here. Great photo, Mike.

January 10, 2015 @ 12:43 PM


Well worth the slide for an amazing shot like this!

January 10, 2015 @ 5:18 PM


That's a lovely photo.

January 15, 2015 @ 9:54 AM

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