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FIFA Women's World Cup Canada 2015 Tunnel Vision

I watched the 2012 Olympics semi-final match between Canada and the United States from the airport. I was on my way to Amsterdam, and the match was on in one of the airport bars. Dozens of us collected around the screen and shared outrage when suspect refereeing resulted in a loss for Canada.

That's when I started anticipating the 2015 Women's World Cup. Canada would be the host and it would be time for revenge. I wanted this.

In total, Canada played five matches. I watched every minute of every one of those matches. A quarter-final loss to England was the end of the road for our squad, and that's when I lost all interest in the tournament.

I only tuned in to the final between USA and Japan when I learned on Twitter it was 4-0. I stared at it as you'd stare at a car accident. I think I watched for about 25 minutes before bailing for good.

As it turn out, I have no interest in the FIFA Women's World Cup, I only care about the Canadian team. When we bowed out, so did I.

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