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Martin Brodeur

Martin Brodeur is retiring. The 42-year-old is joining the St. Louis Blues front office. It's bizarre he retired a St. Louis Blue. He played seven games with the Blues after 24 seasons with the New Jersey Devils.

I enjoyed Brodeur's entire career, and it was awesome. Unfortunately for him, he'll always be compared to Patrick Roy and when you're hanging with your buddy in a bar and he/she asks "If you could have any goalie play for your team in game seven of the Stanley Cup finals", the answer will never be Brodeur and will always be Roy.

A tip of the hat to Martin Brodeur and his amazing career. Here's his final tally:

  • 691 victories (NHL record)
  • 125 shutouts (NHL record)
  • 3 Stanley Cups
  • 2 Olympic gold medals
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