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1 Company Owns All English Newspapers in Canada Sans 2

One Company Owns All English Newspapers in Canada Sans Two

Postmedia is buying Quebecor's 175 English-language newspapers, including the Toronto Sun. That means Postmedia owns just about every English-language newspaper in the country, except for the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail.

I realize newspapers are dying and the future is digital, but there's an inherent danger in having every paper in the country outside of Toronto owned by a single company. This makes a strong and independent CBC all the more important.

It's not much better on television where the typical news source options are either owned by Rogers or Bell.  Again, this is why it's important we continue to fund the CBC, my preferred source for television news.

Postmedia, by the way, is picking up all 175 newspapers for a paltry $316 million. You'd think the Toronto Sun alone would be worth more than that. Is anyone else surprised by this?

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